Covers For Women

Perfect Bible covers for the women in your lifeHere’s a list of leather Bible rebindings women would like — soft ones, pink ones, and colorful ones. All rebinding projects come complete with “Holy Bible” on the spine or face (if the material can be imprinted), one ribbon marker, and new leatherette end pages.

These prices are assuming your Bible has an intact sewn binding. If the pages are falling out or the binding is glued, we would need to repair that with cord insertion ($22.00). Can’t tell? See our blog post.

When you know what you’d like, just proceed to our ordering page. If you can’t decide, give us a call or write.

Pebble Grain Cowhide

These cowhides (pictured — pink and steel blue) are soft and flexible and great colors for girly-girls. They are available in 18 great colors, including baby blue, white, green, pink, lilac, turquoise, and more.


15 colors in the pebble grain cowhide


Here are the colors.

Pastel pebble grain cowhides with labels


Cherry "bomber" cowhide -- very thick leather with a soft and flexible feel

We also have some thicker cowhides for those really large study Bibles, in chocolate, distressed walnut, and some really beautiful “bomber style” colors (camel, hazelnut, and cherry (left) that are still really soft (huggable) and flexible.  Pretty, colorful ribbons in colors you like would give your Bible a distinctive personality.



Great look and feel -- a sturdy cowhide with an embossed goatskin grain.

Pretty, colorful ribbons in the colors you like can give any Bible a distinctive personality.  This Bible is “goat cow” — a goatskin-embossed cowhide.




Artistic Spine Ribs on Kangaroo

Something else we sometimes do for a beautiful effect:  Artistic spine ribs.  Regular raised ribs always come included, but the artistic ones cost a little more.  The example to the left is kangaroo, but can be easily done with a pebble grain cowhide or a soft-tanned goatskin like the one below.  It doesn’t have to look just like this — our binders enjoy creating new looks with those ribs!

Both are deep red soft-tanned goatskins, but one has artistic spine ribs.

Beautiful turquoise Bible in a soft, flexible goatskinSoft-Tanned Goatskin

This very soft, very flexible, natural and very popular leather comes in a variety of beautiful colors, including pink, purple, and electric blue.  This leather is unembossed, which means you may see small natural “marks of originality” that haven’t been covered up by an impressed grain, and it feels wonderful.  To the left is the turquoise color, above is deep red, and the new purple and electric blue colors are below.

Colors available in Soft-Tanned Goatskin