Covers For Men

Manly, rugged Bible covers for menHere are some Bible rebinding possibilities men would especially like, reminding them of battles, adventure, hunting, and cowboys and Indians. All rebinding projects come complete with “Holy Bible” on the spine or face, one ribbon marker, and new leatherette end pages.

These prices are assuming your Bible has an intact sewn binding. If the pages are falling out or the binding is glued, we would need to repair that with cord insertion ($30.00). Can’t tell? See our blog post.

When you know what you’d like, just proceed to our ordering page. If you can’t decide, give us a call or write.

Pebble Grain Cowhide:

Forest Pebble Grain Cowhide Bible

We have some really nice cowhides in stock now — soft and handsome, thick and supple, yet good and sturdy.  The grain is light and small.  “Brand” it with your name or initials on the front.

Available in 18 great colors, including black, brown, maroon, tan, gray, dark red, navy, steel blue, or forest (pictured). Pictured below is the black.



Thicker Cowhides:

We also have thicker cowhides in black, chocolate, walnut, and charcoal for one of those great big man-sized Bibles.  They look and feel great and have a wonderful leather smell. And there are three other colors of that thicker cowhide, but with a very cool stressed bomber jacket look: Camel, Cherry, and Hazelnut Bomber Cowhide


This is the camel “bomber” cowhide:  very unique, great for a large, heavy Bible.





English Calf:

The American West style -- great for a large study Bible.

Made of good, durable English calfskin with a hand-rubbed antiqued finish. The flexibility is medium, not wimpy, good for withstanding the weight of a heavy study Bible without sagging too much so you can’t read it.  Available in Tan, Saddle Tan (pictured), Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Mahogany.


Also English Calf (The American West III Bible):

American West III -- hand-dyed English calfskin with Western floral tooling

This is our upgrade of the simple English calfskin.  It now features special gold or silver imprinting to match your Bible’s page edge gilding, blind-stamped floral Western tooling with border tooling that looks stitched.  Available in antiqued saddle tan or medium brown.  Here’s a link to the special price list for this style and the Build-Your Own Leather-Lined Bible.  (Hint:  Only fill out the part for American West III.)




Drum-stuffed, hand-dyed, antiqued leather made from government-culled imported Australian kangaroos. This leather has a firmer temper, but is easy to tool and stamp. It has a wonderful smooth grain and leather smell and comes complete with a rope-edge border tooling and 2 ribbon markers. Available in Medium to Dark Brown. Note: Kangaroo needs to be special-ordered and paid in advance.