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This page includes our least expensive genuine leather options, and other non-leather items for the budget conscious and those who prefer not using animal products. Most of our Bible rebinding projects come complete with raised ribs, “Holy Bible” on the spine or face (if the material can be reprinted), one ribbon marker, and new leatherette end pages.

Remember that we still never carry bonded leather and rarely carry synthetic ones.  We know what these look like when they age and it’s not a pretty sight.  But we do have some options for you, if one of our good genuine leathers really seems out of reach and you really need a new cover for your Bible.

These prices are assuming your Bible has an intact sewn binding. If the pages are falling out or the binding is glued, we would need to repair that with cord insertion ($22.00). Can’t tell? See our blog post. There may also be a charge for page repairs.

When you know what you’d like, just proceed to our ordering page. If you can’t decide, give us a call or write.

Cloth Hardcover Bibles

We can rebind your Bible as a hardcover in standard buckram book cloth in one color or a two-tone. Here’s one with red cloth boards and a black imitation leather spine.  We have several colors available, including maroon, blue, gray, black, charcoal, and dark green.

A Bible bound as a hardcover in bookbinding cloth and imitation leather cloth

Imitation Leather

This cover looks like leather but is really a sturdy cloth, and it will wear like a sturdy cloth. Many older Bibles were originally bound in imitation leather.  We can rebind your Bible as a hardcover or a softcover in imitation leather and we have several color and grain choices, including black, brown, navy, and green.  Pictured are blue levant grain and black morocco grain.  Note:  Imitation leather does not feel soft like our genuine leathers.

Bible rebound in the economy imitation leather clothBible bound in black cloth with a morocco finish


Surplus Leather (Binder’s Choice):

This is our newest budget option.  If you are not choosy, we may be able to build you a new cover using our choice of leather, from our surplus (not perfect) supply.

The surplus leather may have too many natural markings, or it may have surface scuffs or dye irregularities. It may also wrinkle when flexed. It’s not torn or patched. It may have a dark line on it from the backbone area of the animal.  It may be a leather we no longer offer for sale.

As you can see, there are no pictures of this leather.  You would have to trust us.

The cover would have no imprinting and would be very simple, but it would cover your Bible with a good, durable leather. You can give us a first and second color choice and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.