Sturdy Covers

Here are some of our sturdiest leathers, the ones we suggest when the request is made, “I want my Bible to last forever.” While we can’t guarantee that kind of longevity, we can tell you that some leathers will last longer than others, and we would like to steer you to the right ones if that’s your goal. All these options come complete with “Holy Bible” on the spine or face (if the material is imprintable), one ribbon marker and new leatherette end pages. These prices are assuming your Bible has an intact sewn binding. If the pages are falling out or the binding is glued, we would need to repair that with cord insertion ($30.00). Can’t tell? See our blog post. When you know what you’d like, just proceed to our ordering page. If you can’t decide, give us a call or write.

Hand-dyed rustic goatskin Bibles

Hand-Dyed Natural Goatskin Bibles

Hand-Dyed Natural Goatskin This leather is not soft and cuddly, but still feels great in your hand.  It’s tough and made to last long.  We hand-dye it here and it can be blind-stamped or hand-tooled for you.  The leather is great for the personal to large size Bible.  Remember — results vary on a hand-dyed product.

Forest Pebble Grain Cowhide Bible

Forest Pebble Grain Cowhide Bible

Pebble Grain Cowhide

Great for medium to large Bibles and available in eighteen popular colors, including black, brown, tan, burgundy, maroon, navy, and forest green (pictured).   We also have several cowhides that are even thicker, such as the chocolate pictured below and in our “bomber style” cowhides.

Thick, soft, with a light pebble grain -- chocolate cowhide

Thicker Chocolate Cowhide Bible

American West style in dark brown hand-dyed English calf

Hand-dyed English Calfskin.  This Bible’s cover is made of good, strong English calfskin with a hand-rubbed antiqued finish.  Available in medium brown, dark brown (pictured), tan, saddle tan, or mahogany. The flexibility is medium and best for a personal size or large size Bible.  This leather, like the natural goatskin, can be blind-stamped and tooled, and since it is hand-dyed here at Leonard’s, it will have varying results.

Kangaroo Bible, hand-dyed to a Medium to Dark Brown Hand-Dyed Kangaroo This great cover is made from drum-stuffed, hand-dyed (medium to dark brown), antiqued leather made from government-culled imported Australian kangaroos. This is a firmer leather, but it’s easily tooled. Kangaroo leather has one of the highest tensile strengths on the market. It has a wonderful smooth grain and leather smell. Kangaroo needs to be special-ordered and paid in advance (but we’ll walk you through the process.)