For Pastors’ Bibles

Honestly, there’s no real formula for what a pastor would like, so if you were peeking at this page, thinking about Pastor Appreciation month in October, we can’t point you to the ultimate leather for pastors, but here are some ideas for you:

1.  If your pastor is a traditionalist …

You should take a look at our Traditional Look Page for most of our black selections, including smooth calf, goatskin-embossed cowhide, or soft-tanned goatskin:

Black Bibles

2.  If your pastor is not a traditionalist …

See some of our other pages for ideas for a leather type.  For instance, maybe your pastor wields a very large and heavy Bible and needs something sturdy to hold up under the weight of the Word, so it won’t sag too much while he holds it under the spine to preach.

See our Large Bible page for ideas like this one, our thick camel “bomber” style cowhide, for a defender of the faith:

Camel Bomber Cowhide on a Large Study Bible

Some pastors have really good eyes and preach from a compact Bible with tiny print.  We have good leather suggestions for these, too, on our Small Bible page.

Small Bibles do well in a soft-tanned goatskin

Many pastors ask us for a leather that will open flat, and not fold up on them if their Bible is left open on a pulpit.  (You might even think that is a problem many have actually encountered!)  This soft-tanned goatskin is one of the ones we recommend for its great flexibility

But you will need to know your pastor’s tastes to pinpoint which among our leathers would make a perfect gift.  We did find recently that many of Eric’s pastor friends liked the same leather on their preaching Bible that he uses — a hand-dyed English calfskin like this one.

English calfskin, hand-dyed to a dark brown finish

Eric likes his because it’s not too floppy but it has a wonderful soft feel as it breaks in.

Some pastors would really like one of our specialty styles, even one of the hardcovers.  They are unique, and so is your pastor.  Here’s link to post from a happy pastor / professor who likes his 16th Century Geneva Style.

3. Archival Pockets

Here’s a great idea for pastors who want to keep their sermon notes inside their Bible.  We can insert one or more of these clear archival pockets into a Bible, custom fit to the size of the Bible’s pages.  The opening can be on the top or on the side (fore-edge).

The clear archival pocket can open at the top or on the fore-edge4.  Other Extras

Pastors generally also like several ribbon markers and note pages, while others just want a good clean copy with no extra hindrances.  We can often personalize a Bible or add a cross stamp. But these are optional, and they depend on your pastor’s personality.

If a pastor’s Bible is well-used, there will likely be necessary page repairs.  If the Bible was originally only glued (like the one in the before-and-after pictures above, we would need to insert cords to make the Bible sturdy for the long haul.  These items will be determined when we have the Bible in hand.

Ready to order?

Stroll on over to our How to Order Page to download the price list / order form and learn how to get started.  The Specialty Styles have their own price lists, available from  the pages that describe them, or just go to our Order Forms page.