Classy Look

Here’s a list of Bible rebindings in classier-looking leather. Some are glossy, with a grain, and they all feel great to touch. But they’re not all expensive. All rebindings come complete with “Holy Bible” on the spine or face (if the material is imprintable), one ribbon marker, and new leatherette end pages.

These prices are assuming your Bible has an intact sewn binding. If the pages are falling out or the binding is glued, we would need to repair that with cord insertion ($22.00). Can’t tell? See our blog post.

When you know what you’d like, just proceed to our ordering page. If you can’t decide, give us a call or write. Please remember that colors differ from one monitor to the next.

Our Newest Classy Style:  The Leather-Lined River Grain Goatskin style

River Grain Goatskin Lined in Soft Lambskin

This is our River Grain goatskin specialty style, lined on the inside with genuine lambskin.  You can choose the options of colors, the length of the edges (“yapp”), the width and colors of the ribbons, and the end pages.  This is our only leather-lined style.



(Click here to see our Leather-Lined River Grain Goatskin Specialty Style.)

Soft-Tanned goatskin

Soft-tanned goatskin for an ultra-flexible, classy coverUltra-soft, ultra-flexible, and very classy with extended edges (pictured, in black), a.k.a. “semi-yapp.”  The extended edges need to be requested if desired, but the raised ribs on the spine are standard.  Soft-tanned goatskin is available in chocolate, tobacco, red, deep red, turquoise, and many other great colors.  Visit our Leathers and Grains page and click on the Soft-Tanned Goat tab.

Sometimes people would like to have something fancier for end pages, so we show them the silk moire, as in the picture below, for a classy look.

Instead of standard leatherette, this soft-tanned goatskin has navy silk moire end pages.

Here’s a deep red soft-tanned goatskin that’s been hand-dyed to a deeper mahogany finish.  Those wraparound raised ribs are an added classy touch, along with the tooling accents.

The deep mahogany Bible was created for a busy mom's compact= An example of classy tooling along the raised ribs

Close-up of the Sunday School Teacher's Edition Corner -- with semi-yapp and moire silk end pagesWe went on to develop a specialty style with the black goatskin called the 20th Century Sunday School Teacher Historical style, complete with Wedding Text imprinting and black silk moire end pages, very classy.

Here’s a close-up of an inside corner on the Sunday School Teachers Bible.  This shows the extended yapp and silk moire end page, rather than the standard leatherette.  See our Leonard’s Specialty Styles page, where there are several other classy styles (and more pictures of this one).

Hand-Dyed English Calfskin

American West style in English calf, hand-dyed to a mahogany finish

Our hand-dyed English calfskin looks great in any color.  To the left is mahogany and below is dark brown.  Also available in medium brown, tan, and saddle tan.

This leather is used in our 18th Century Revivalist style in a dark brown with intricate period tooling on the front and back covers.  See that style here. Or, we have a distinctive selection of crosses and designs that can be hand-tooled into the leather.  The two examples below are both dark brown English calfskin.  The first is simple and the second one has decorative embellishments and blind-stamped titling.

American West style in dark brown hand-dyed English calf

Dark Brown English calf with embellishments